Saatva Mattress - Software Engineering Support Manager

January 2021 - Present

  • Lead the support team which was available 24x7 that handles all technical issues with their front-end web application, their production logistics platform and all apps in between.
  • Took part in all hiring, mentoring and career development of all new engineering employees both domestic or international.
  • Worked directly with the architecture team as a contributing member on proof-of-concept development to solution planning.
  • Played a key role in optimizing the engineering departments development cycle and develop and enforce coding standards among all contributing developers.
  • Evaluated all 3rd party application integrations from a support perspective in order to be able to manage the appliation post installation.
  • Worked closely with all integrations from 3rd party logistics providers internal applications.
  • Administered all applications and their access across the entire organization including Google Cloud, JetBrains Suite, GitHub, GA/GAE/GTM, Atlassian Suite and more.

Saatva Mattress - Senior Software Developer

March 2018 - December 2020

  • Lead architecture design of large scale custom logistics and manufacturing system supporting 150+ independent furniture manufacturing to order submission and process tracking all the way to product delivery.
  • Developed hyper-fast front-end order aggregation application to give “unified, single-point visibility” to orders across 4 different systems.
  • Worked directly with DevOps to develop, manage and scale Docker-based development and production deployment tasks.
  • Spearheaded testing and review policies to ensure code quality and full-team engagement.
  • Acted as team lead across all 3 teams at different times to bring specialized viewpoints and experience to those teams including SaaS and MicroService design.
  • Assisted in interviewing and hiring of all new employees including that of senior management positions.
  • Managed ecommerce store architecture for product catalog unification and overall process simplification.

NetSpend Corp - Senior Web & Mobile Architect

May 2016 - June 2017

  • Lead conceptualization and proof-of-concept development of highly streamlined micro-hybrid application to decrease user friction based on application size and application update adoption.
  • Member of SDLC, who advised senior management and team members on development process, PCI Compliance concerns and remediation steps.
  • Directed the architectural direction of Netspend and client branded mobile apps. Planned and developed processes and infrastructure to move development and production services to a cloud based architecture.
  • Spearhead initiatives to increase development velocity. Worked directly with multiple departments to bridge communication gaps and encourage teams to work together that weren’t previously.
  • Managed architecture changes and process for 5 local and 2 remote teams using Agile process. Teams consisted of 2-3 developers, 1-2 QA techs a Scrum Master and a PM. Directed Front-end Solutions Architects to implement Architecture changes for all projects in development.
  • Interviewed, hired and mentored all front-end developers which both increased productivity and morale while decreasing developer turn-over dramatically.

Key Ingredient - Senior Application Developer

June 2014 - May 2016

  • Developed custom modules for a multi-national Magento E-Commerce solution, with over 2,000 items, Django App to manage 2+million recipes for machine-based automatic categorization.
  • Developed and launched mobile apps on IOS and Android to integrate with custom developed hardware products.
  • Set-up and maintained a Jenkins CI for automated deployments, along with a cloud-based storage solution.
  • Managed multiple AWS/GCP servers and infrastructure for web app handling 500,000 unique visitors monthly, along with Google Analytics reporting.

Intellagent Benefit Solutions - Founder, CEO

November 2010 - August 2022

  • Architected, designed and developed native cross-platform Android and iOS apps for secure document retrieval using PhoneGap.
  • Planned and Executed a secure, personalized insurance documents distribution strategy for Insurance Professionals as an SaaS application.
  • Developed a Docker deployment process to run and deploy websites from secure Docker containers.
  • Design, develop and maintain custom PHP-based WordPress Web Service for sharing sensitive data, and integrated custom API for WordPress.
  • Designed and developed ecommerce solutions for clients who requested the functionality.

State of Ohio - DODD - Senior Mobile Architect

2012 - 2014

  • Design, develop, Implement and publish native cross-platform Android and iOS app PhoneGap / Cordova API
  • Utilize single-page-app architecture to deliver native experience using JavaScript MVC framework backbone.js, html5, css3, underscore.js, zepto.js
  • Developed multiple PHP Test Cases for prototype service development using AJAX, JSON, XML connected to a DODD mobile app. MySQL test databases for test XML/JSON content pull for DODD mobile app tests.


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